New Orleans in Quotes & Portraits


 "the key to happiness is self preservation. you can't make others happy if you're not happy" -mr. lewis
 "you never really know what a beer tastes like til you get to the end anyways" -rich
"i'm less a cheater, more a believer" -rory
 "i love you because you sound like a pirate!" -kelly
 "i don't want to fuck with the fourth best one" -maude
 "i serve alcohol and food to people, sometimes it gets messy" -chris
"in which hole?" -jackie

Just a random assortment of memorable quotes and the portraits of those that uttered them on a recent trip to New Orleans. Some only make sense if you where there and maybe not even then but all are equally priceless...

***Today I am thankful for having found the courage to ask perfect strangers if I could take their picture, the outcome was awesome!***


Massive & Teensy: But First, Coffee


^^^delicious coffees from saxbys in georgetown^^^

Sometimes I need a coffee that's the size of my face... And sometimes hubs needs a coffee that's only half of his... But whatever the case, we still need that caffeine fix!

So yep, these are in fact the same size coffees and in case you're new to this series, it all started a few years ago in London with this tree. It's been an on going gag between hubs and I and sometimes the best ones happen accidentally. Like that time in Georgetown when we escaped the brisk cold by popping into Saxby to warm up with insanely good coffee (can I get a coffee snob amen?!) and a small bite to eat. We were all too busy defrosting, eating and sipping that this one wasn't even noticed until much later when I reviewed the ritual "let me photograph you with your coffee because you know, the blog" picture.

***Today I am thankful for coffee (duh!) because... well, it's pretty obvious don't you think?!***


Happy Girl...


puffy coat: guess // scarf: gift // button down: madewell (similar) // skirt: j.crew // tights: target // boots: sam edelman // backpack: everlane (similar) // watch: michael kors (similar) // ring: catbird // lipstick: mac (diva) // nails: o.p.i (malaga wine)

Few things make me happier than brick covered buildings, moody lipstick, photographing any/everything and good coffee... not necessarily in that order. The bricks because I grew up in south Florida, Miami to be exact and the first time I ever came in contact with exposed bricks was in college and I was smitten. I didn't really have the courage to wear dark and moody lipstick until I lived in London and really came into my own lipstick-wise. Well, if I'm being honest, I did used to wear dark brown lipstick back in my ghetto days because again, I grew up in Miami but now that doesn't really count, does it? I think my way of really seeing things is through the lens. I know there's a lot of contradiction around this and my generation is known for seeing the world through their i phones but really, getting into photography has made me pay more attention to the details. Finding creative and unique ways to not only capture the moment but share what I'm specifically seeing with the world. And coffee... it was not love at first sip, in fact I started drinking the stuff out of shear desperation and boredom at a crappy telemarketing job in high school. Then we met again at another crappy job in NYC and the love affair just kind of grew from there. These days I'm a complete coffee snob and sometimes I like to think that 16 year old me would laugh at 30 year old me because who would have seen this coming?!

***Today I am thankful that a few simple things can make me a happy girl... like the ones listed above ***


DC Style...


look 1: puffy coat: guess // sweater: madewell // button down: madewell (similar) // jeans: pilcro via anthropologie // boots: sam edelman // backpack: everlane (similar) // necklace: madewell // watch: michael kors // lipstick: tarte via sephora (fiery) // nails: o.p.i (malaga wine)

look 2: jean jacket: madewell (similar) // button down: c/o hudson // dress: asos // tights: target // boots: sam edelman // backpack: everlane (similar) // watch: michael kors // bracelet: madewell // lipstick: m.a.c (lickable) // nails: o.p.i (malaga wine)

I miss chilly weather... there, I said it. I know, I'm in LA and I'm supposed to say things like I love the glorious 75 and sunny weather we have pretty much year round but the thing is... I miss the seasons! And I know, coming from Miami I really don't have much right to demand these things because we had no seasons there either but then I moved away to places like NYC and London and was smitten. And while London doesn't really have much in the way of seasons either (just year round grey) I still got to enjoy in the cozy layering that comes as a fashion right in these cities. Basically all this rambling to say that while LA may have been having a heat wave during xmas, I got to layer it up in DC and here are two of those looks... enjoy!

***Today I am thankful for the chance to wear some cozy layers... I heart the chill***


Travel Guide: Renwick Gallery


If you've heard all the hype around the Wonder Exhibit at Renwick Gallery, I just have to say that yes, it's all true and totally worth a visit! Where to even begin... so after a two year renovation, the gallery re-opened but in an utmost way. It turned the entire museum into an ongoing flow of large scale installations that let you fully immerse yourself into the artwork. You have no choice but to be swept up, touched and moved by these larger than life beauties. In a different approach, all of the installations were created specially for their space so structure and architecture definitely influenced the art and the way we interact with it. I've never experienced anything like it and it was so inspiring to spend time in each room. Like I said in my DC recap, this was by far my absolute favorite experience and one that I would highly recommend. If you do nothing else, go explore this exhibit that sadly won't stay permanent, so enjoy it while it's around.

It's really hard to chose a favorite installation but I suppose if I had to, shindig by patrick dougherty would come in first with second place being a tie between untitled by tara donovan and plexus a1 by gabriel dawe. There's just something very nest like about shindig that made me feel really cozy and safe. I also really love how organically the installation came to be, with each twig and branch bending or yielding to create the shapes I so love. Would you believe me if I told you that untitled (the white sand pile like) exhibit which causes so much awe and wonder is created from everyday items like styrofoam cups, index cards, tooth picks, more?! Crazy but it just goes to show how it's all a matter of perspective when it comes to how we use things in our lives. This one caused a sense of calm for me and brought out the kid in me as I explored every nook and cranny it had to offer. I have a confession, it took every inch of will power in me not to touch plexus a1 because man, was this one memorizing. At first glance it looks like the rainbows might be created by rays of light but they aren't, they are actually thread! The pictures don't even really do it much justice, it's one of those that you'll have to experience for yourself. That installation left me feeling light and happy because, you know, rainbows...

***Today I am thankful for the chance to explore this truly inspiring gallery... wish I was there right now!***

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