Happy Birthday Mama!


I pretty much lucked out in the mom department you guys. For as long as I can remember, my mama has been my go to person with most of life's joys, sorrows, gossip...

The one that would let me play dress up in all her fabulous clothes and tap dance on the glass coffee table in her heels. Alright, so maybe not the latter but I did try...

The one that would drive me around from dance practice to cheer practice, even sewing costumes for me and at least 5 others because I always volunteered her... #bestmomever

The one I would test limits and fight with because she was so unfair and let's face it, I was a bratty teenager...

The one I gushed to about friends and boys as she blow dried my hair (yes I wore straight hair every. single. day in high school, oh high school!) It was a fair trade off I suppose...

The one I ran to the first time I experienced a broken heart...

The one that encouraged me when I said I wanted to study fashion design and insisted I got my artistic inclinations from her...

The one that would overnight me packages of homemade frozen cuban food while in college because she feared I would starve...

The one I picked up my love of flowers and slight obsessive cleaning habits from which really, actually complement each other quite nicely I think...

The one I still crave when I'm feeling sick, sad, or blue...

And the one I look up to most and hope to be like someday when motherhood comes. If I could be half the mother and friend she's been and continues being, I would happy...

I love you to bits and although there may be many miles between us, please know that you are always in my heart and thoughts. Happy Birthday mama!

***Today I am thankful for my mama, she's seriously the best friend a girl could ask for!***


Link Love 8.17.14


1/ Sarah from Harper & Harley is one of my new favorite style icons that I've been crushing on as of late...

2/ Will Rodgers is where you can find me today, probably snapping away at everything in sight!

3/ A little haircut inspiration via Pinterest because I'm going for that disheveled put together look...

4/ I just NEED this dainty skull ring in my life from Michelle Chang Jewelry over on Etsy...

5/ I'm low and parted mainly, sometimes the high pony... which pony tail are you?

Happy Sunday everyone! Sundays are always pretty bittersweet for me and they seem to come way too fast! It's like I just left work only to turn around and go right back. Am I the only one feeling this way? I'm not too upset about this weekend coming to a close though because I had Friday off and a long weekend is always appreciated... and sometimes needed. I've been on a fitness and self pampering quest as of late and I made sure to indulge extra these last few days. I had some girly me time with a much needed haircut (inspired that pic above) and some eye brow threading (also desperately needed!) along with a few face masks, some new skin/hair product splurges. I even painted my nails guys! I nicely complemented all of that with an early anti gravity yoga class, started the 30 day yoga challenge at home, did loads of meditating/stretching, and I even squeezed some running in there. Oh and today I'll be off hiking! I have this habit you see, when things outside of my control are well, out of control, I usually turn to improving my fitness and well-being since those are things I can control. I need to be able to feel like I'm still the boss of something in my life and luckily those are things that benefit me too. A healthy body makes for a happy mind and heart ya know. Have a good one!

***Today I am thankful for the extra day off... it was definitely needed!***


Massive & Teensy: Chocolate Box


So I'm re-introducing my throw back thursday posts because I've been in a reminiscing state of mind and also (mainly) because I have soooo many old pics that I always intended on sharing but never got around to. So here goes...

This also happens to be a Massive & Teensy post, inspired by this guy, and a favorite past time of hubs and I. Naturally I couldn't just let these gems sit in the vast abyss that is my photo library. Nope, not having it. These pictures are back from last X-mas time in Miami and no, I don't know why there was a giant box of chocolates nor did I really question it to be honest. I just knew an opportunity when I saw one and went shamelessly after it, dragging good ol' hubs (as if he needed much convincing) along with me. It.was.great. The whole family loved it and laughed as we goofed around trying to get the perfect shots. Definitely need to get back out there and take more of these so you guys stop having withdrawals, I know!

Oh so added bonus, there were also giant bottles of alcohol and another massive bar of chocolate so, you know... you're welcome!

^^^this year's x-mas card perhaps?!^^^

***Today I am thankful for this silly hubs of mine... he's willing to play along with just about anything with me^^^


Walking The Line...


hat: urban outfitters (similar) / sunglasses: coach / top: madewell (similar) / jeans: diesel / shoes: dvf / purse: camden market / watch: michael kors / bangle: madewell / bracelet: mint julep / lipstick: m.a.c. (lady at play)

Lately I've been finding myself in a state of rebellion. Rebellion with my inner voices, with society, with life in general. I'm either 29 going on 16 or having an early mid life crisis (hi mom!) I keep looking to push the buttons and testing the limits which is so unlike me. I want to ruffle some feathers and leave people saying- "well I didn't expect that from her". I have an itch I just can't seem to scratch. I want to run around screaming at the top of my lungs. I want to really see and feel life, not just live through it. I want to break out in sing and dance at the most inappropriate of times. And mainly, I just don't want to care what others think anymore. I'm done being the good girl, and so I walk the line.

***Today I am thankful for this feisty spirit that has awaken in me... I'm sure it will lead to great things!***


Dating LA: No. 1


 ^^^enjoying the architecture of downtown^^^
 ^^^the famous ace hotel^^^
 ^^^drawings on the walls, literally^^^
 ^^^always looking up^^^
 ^^^love the street art^^^
 ^^^one of my favorite street art pieces^^^
 ^^^trying to take a couple's selfie^^^
 ^^^hubs loves his popsicles, but especially on a hot day^^^

A few weekends ago hubs and I decided to start "dating" again. I mean, we hang out all the time right? So what exactly is different? For starters, it's so easy to get stuck in a rut and only go to our local spots that have been tried and tested. There's still so much to explore in this large city known as L.A. that I thought it would be fun to explore the unknown. One of my favorite things ever is sharing new experiences with hubs, it helps us create a stronger bond and keeps our relationship fresh. So what exactly is the catch you may be asking? Well, when it comes to our individual ideas of what a perfect date is, we tend to differ... sometimes a lot! So here are a few simple rules we are (hopefully) sticking to:

1/ one person gets to plan a whole day (A WHOLE DAY!) of fun activities in the neighborhood of their choice...

2/ all activities (food spots too) should be completely NEW to the other person...

3/ the other person MUST go along with EVERYTHING planned, no vetoing....

So their it is folks... 3 simple rules that will help me get hubs to those museum exhibits I've been dying to go to and probably also end up with me on a segway sometime in the near future. Obviously his idea, not mine. The surprising thing (and maybe it shouldn't be) is that in our time together, I'm always caught off guard by how much fun I have with the things he proposes that I'm resistant to... and the same goes for him. I guess we both need to be more open minded and that started with date number 1, my date!

While I worked downtown for some time, hubs hasn't really ventured that way much and so I thought it was time to change that. We started with a late brunch at the Ace Hotel, LA Chapter that opened up earlier this year. Normally we tend to order different things so we can try more (food gluttons, I know!) but this time we were both craving the same thing and so the Chapter Breakfast with a side of sauteed mushrooms it was. Downstairs seating was pretty full so we opted to sit upstairs on the sofa and coffee table settings they have up there instead. Not a lot of people know this but you can order food up there. It was a different vibe from downstairs, quieter and a bit moody which I actually preferred. Plus the view of downstairs with that amazing checkered black and white tiling was well worth it. Hubs enjoyed it and we both agree, we need to come back for roof top drinks at a later date.

From there we strolled around downtown, making our way to the Renegade Craft Fair, taking in the architecture and graffiti as we did. I got to point out to hubs all the different buildings that always catch my eye and some cool new shops I knew he would love. He agreed, the shopping is way cooler now that new brands keeping popping up (hello Aesop and Tanner Goods!) compared to Santa Monica. Now here's where I went wrong... while I love to walk... could walk for miles on end, hubs claims to have heavy bones and therefor hates walking. I plugged the address of where we were going and assured hubs it was a mere 5 minutes... until 30 minutes later, we were still walking in the sweltering heat. What happened was I was reading the time distance for a car, not walking speed, whoops! I still insist that the best way to really see a city is to walk (or run) through it so whatever. We eventually made it and hubs made a bee-line for a popsicle stand that was selling freshly homemade ones in the craziest flavors imaginable. 3 popsicles later (I kid you not) and hubs was back in the game.

The fair was filled an array of vendors, all selling homemade or homegrown stuff, each more inspiring than the next. I was in heaven and just kept wondering to myself- why am I not out here doing stuff like this, selling my own product?! Oh sigh... one day. Anyways, I got the cutest little dream catcher for Beoynce (my car) from Lady Lu of the Wolves and also a few candles from P.F. Candle Co. (the teakwood & tobacco burn lovely with the amber & moss, fyi). Hubs got some specialty honey and contemplated a teddy for our new nephew back in England. I was even able to squeeze in a surprise visit from one of my friends and her baby boy that live in the area. Little I instantly warmed up to hubs and then deal was sealed when hubs climbed over a fence to retrieve a thrown (almost deemed lost) ball.

Overall, I would say it was a great date... long and tiring, the kind where you go to bed with a happy heart. Hubs liked it for the most part, though he wasn't impressed with how spread out downtown was and the fact that walking everywhere isn't always enjoyable. It's true, downtown can be an eyesore in spots with all the run down buildings and homeless people hanging about, not to mention the heat made it that much smellier. I think it's an area where you really, truly have to look hard for the beauty. But it's (sort of) there. He's not sold on the area yet, but I'm sure I can make him come around in future dates!

***Today I am thankful for these little dates of ours... love exploring and sharing new adventures with this man!***

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